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Many people aren’t aware what a contraband detection is all about. However, it is otherwise important and even has an impact on our well-being, safety and peace. Indeed, the general public isn’t aware of its importance nor do they realize that terrorism, whether on an international, national, or local level, may be funded through smuggled contraband. This also applies to other forms of crime.

An effective detection for contraband should include being able to detect drugs, cash, weapons, and explosives. It will prevent these items from being smuggled from one location to another. The more contraband is successfully detected, the less chance it will land in the hands of people that will use it to harm others. By removing contraband and keeping it out of circulation, people and communities will be made safer.

The general perception is that illegal goods (or contraband) are smuggled through the ports and borders and into the country. While this is true to some extent, many do not realize that contraband can actually be transported from state to state. Illegal drugs, weapons, explosives, dirty bombs, and other contraband material have the potential to ravage the lives of people and communities. Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) vowed to eradicate contraband material as their main priority. In order to meet its goal, CSECO manufactures a variety of contraband detection equipment and has since 1984.

So what is contraband? According to dictionaries, contraband is defined as follows:

  • Any item which is imported or exported illegally,
  • Any item which is prohibited by law from being imported or exported, or
  • Smuggling, or illegal/prohibited trade

Contraband may also mean items which are illegal to be possessed, including stolen goods. Since contraband is illegally transported by smuggling, it requires secrecy by hiding the items so that they cannot be easily recognized and confiscated by authorities.

However, by using contraband detection tools like those manufactured by CSECO, border patrol agents and other local, state, and national law enforcement officers can detect contraband quickly and take it off the streets.

Contraband may include (but is not limited to):

  • Illegal currency (stolen, counterfeit, or gained through illegal means)
  • Illegal narcotics (cocaine, meth, heroine, etc.)
  • Illegal weapons that may stolen or purchased from the black market
  • Nuclear weapons of any type
  • Cigarettes and alcohol, when obtained illegally
  • Even humans are considered contraband, especially when they are here illegally, or may have been kidnapped and forced to work in the sex trade.

Now that you know what contraband is, you can better understand why it is important to detect and confiscate it.

That’s why CSECO works hard to help law enforcement agents to detect and seize contraband. It can be removed as a potential threat and kept out of communities which help keep them safe. The company uses the latest in technology when developing and manufacturing equipment for contraband detection. Here are some of CSECO’s products:

  • The Buster K910B Density Meter – CSECO’s signature contraband detection equipment. It was designed by founder Patrick J. Campbell as a result of his collaboration with US Customs and Patrol agents. When approached, Campbell said he wanted to work closely with the agents who would use and be able to explain real-world instances where improvements could be made over the contraband detectors that then existed at that time. Over 30 years later, the Buster is now considered the “gold standard” of contraband detectors by many law enforcement agents across the country.
  • Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope – CSECO’s most recent addition to its line of contraband detecting tools easily beats the fiberscopes sold on the market today. It uses a shaft that is ¼ inch in diameter and 80 inches long. It also has a two-way articulated tip that includes an integral light source. The display is 5-inches and multi-directional color LCD. It has push button digital zoom. The Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope also saves still photos, but also records video images of the areas being detected. It’s also flexible and fuel-resistant. And best of all, the Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope is certified safe the by Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) for use in hazardous areas like fuel tanks.
  • The CT-40 Kit – CSECO has unveiled the CT-40 Detection Team Kit, an update from its previous CT-30 Kit. Like the CT-30, the CT-40 has pretty much the same set of tools, but does not include the FV Series Articulated Fiberscope and the digital camera. Instead, what you will see in the CT-40 is the newest addition: the Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope Inspection System, which works far, far better than the old fiberscope.

As you may have realized from reading this article, CSECO and its many customers (the Customs and Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, US State Department, DEA, as well as all levels of law enforcement) take a serious and hard stance against contraband smuggling. If you want to learn more any contraband detection equipment, contact CSECO by calling 510-864-8010 or emailing